15 FEB 2018

Endoscopy / Skull Base Surgery Workshop

Endoscopy / Skull Base Surgery Workshop

Endoscopy/ Skull Base Workshop 2018

Continuing with its tradition, the Neurosurgery Department, Liaqat National Hospital & Medical College, in collaboration with IFNE, WFNS, ACNS and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons conducted a three-day Endoscopy/Skull base workshop from 15th to 17th February, 2018.

Prof Vladimir Benes (Czech Republic), course director, started with the introduction to the course and then taught the Retro sigmoid approach and it variations. The anatomy of Orbitozygomatic Approach, and the Basics were discussed by Prof Iype Cherian (via skype), after which Prof Benes discussed the access to Orbitozygomatic approach with its variations. Prof Cherian then discussed the anterior posterior petrosectomy and variations. Following the coffee break, series of State of Art Lectures were given in which Prof Hyeun Sung Kim (Korea) gave a talk on recent advances of endoscopy in spine. Consequently, Prof Pablo Gonzales Lopez (Spain) taught the clinical anatomy of Skull Base (via skype). Then a lecture on Adjuncts and advances in intraventricular neuroendoscopy was given by Prof Giuseppe Cinalli (Italy). Prof Benes gave a lecture on Surgical treatment of trigeminal schwannoma followed by skull base case discussion. The morning session ended with a pre-workshop evaluation/quiz. Following lunch break, the afternoon session kicked off with Prof Benes teaching the varied skull base approaches. Lecture on supraorbital craniotomy and lateral supraorbital approach was given by Prof Azam Ahmed (USA) via skype. The use of electrophysiology in Sensory-Motor cortical mapping; monitoring of cranial nerves and corticospinal tracts during brain surgeries was highlighted by Dr. Tariq Imtiaz (Saudi Arabia). The first day ended with a dinner on a ferry boat where everyone enjoyed the beautiful breezy evening.

On the second day of the workshop, Prof Khalid Mehmood (Lahore) explained the Sino nasal anatomy in neurosurgery, followed by a talk by Prof Shahzad Shamim (AKUH) on Traumatic CSF leaks and its current evidence. In addition to this sweeping flow of knowledge, Prof Benes expertly taught the principles of aneurysm surgery, and the surgical anatomy of the carotids were well explained by Prof Iype (via skype). And then Prof Salman Sharif (LNH) expanded our knowledge further on endoscopic pituitary surgery. Afterwards the participants were divided into 5 stations, in which they were taught in small groups by each faculty. First station was led by Prof Cinalli, where he taught the procedure of ETV, and supervised the participants as they practiced on the mannequins with real instruments. Prof Benes had an interactive session on skull base anatomy with different surgical approaches while Prof Sharif discussed the CSF fistula and its management. We had Prof Kim teaching Minimally invasive spine surgery including the techniques, and lastly Prof Mehmood, demonstrated the endoscopic instruments. After the lunch break, the series of lectures started again, with Prof Azam explaining the Eyebrow orbitotomy (via skype). Then Prof Benes had an interactive discussion on tricks of removing large vestibular schwannomas, followed by Prof Mehmood explaining the extra capsular approach for pituitary adenoma. Prof Cinalli added his expertise of approaching skull base pediatric tumors followed by a discussion on ETV. The day ended with a post conference quiz, with an interactive discussion among participants and faculty. Finally, all the faculty and participants gathered in the evening for a relaxing musical night and gala dinner at the Governor House.

The Day 3 of the workshop mainly focused on the ventricles, in which the surgical anatomy, approach to ETV, and intraventricular tumors were taught by Prof Sharif and Prof Cinalli. Prof Kim added some knowledge of transforaminal endoscopy on spine. At last an unusual pediatric cystic tumor surgery was shown live to the audience, in which the participants interacted in discussions during surgery. And this was the end of the 3-day endoscopic skull base workshop 2018.

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