11 FEB 2017

Karachi Spine 2017

Karachi Spine 2017




With the aim of providing the latest perk of knowledge and training to the aspiring neurosurgeons in Pakistan, the department of Neurosurgery, Liaquat National Hospital organized Karachi Spine 2017 in collaboration with the Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, World Federation of Neurological Societies, International Federation of Neuroendoscopy, Middle East Spine Society, World Spinal Column Society, and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons, a joint cadaveric workshop to provide hands on training to the young neurosurgeons in Pakistan.

Douglas Orr (USA), opened the course by highlighting its objectives and aims. A quick overview of the upper and subaxial cervical anatomy was given by Sandeep Vaishya (India) & Nikolay Peev (UK) respectively, this was followed by the techniques of Anterior Cervical and Odontoid Screw fixation by Prof. Trost (USA) and Prof. Orr (USA). Approaches to Cervicothoracic Junction was discussed by Onur Yaman (Turkey). A series of approaches including transoral and anterolateral retropharyngeal and anterolateral Cranial Cervical Approach were discussed by Dr. Mehmet Zileli (Turkey) and Gregory Trost (USA) respectively. This was followed by a lecture on Cervical Dıscectomy, Anterior foraminotomy, Corpectomy delivered by Dr. Salman Sharif (Pak). Traumatic pathologies of the upper and subaxial cervical region were disscused by Mehmet Zileli (Turkey) and Sait Naderi (Turkey). In patients undergoing Cervical Spinal Arthroplasty, Dr. Kim (Korea) discussed the biomechanical changes such as Range of Motion, Disc Pressure, and Facet Strain. This was then followed by a series of case discussions and video sessions conducted by Paulo Pereira (Portugal)/ Jae Taek Hong (Seoul).

The participants were then taken for a hands on cadaveric lab where they were supervised by the course directors for Odonoid Screw, Anterior Foraminotomy, Vertebral Artery Dissection, Anterior Corpectomy and Plate, Cervicothoracic Junction anterior Approach. Further cases were discussed to assess the participants. The first day of this workshop ended with an elite Gala Dinner at the Movenpick Hotel, where the guest faculty and participants had a good time by the poolside to relax and enjoy the evening.

The second day of the course commenced with lectures by Salman Sharif (Pak) & Joachim Oertel (Germany) on C1-2 Transarticular Screw Techniques, Occipitocervical Fixation  involving C1 Lateral Mass, C2 Pedicle Screws, C2 Laminar Screws as well as Cervical Posterior Foraminotomy. Approaches to the Thoraco-Cervical Junction and Posterolateral and lateral approaches to Craniocervical Junction were introduced by Ioannis Polythodorakis (Greece) and Prof. Trost. Lectures on Laminoplasty, Os Odontoideum and C1-2 Subluxation and Subaxial Fıxation Techniques were given by Prof. Kim & Zileli respectively. The next session of the day focused upon the spinal biomechanics and associated tumors and their surgical management. The session consisted of Surgery for Cervical Intradural/ Intramedullary Tumors Bone Tumors of Cervical Spine, Sugery for Cervical Kyphosis, Rheumatoid Cervical Disease, and the role of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Electrophysiology in Spinal surgeries. The participants were again taken to the cadaveric lab for a hands-on session on Upper Cervical Fixation Techniques, Occipital Plate, C1 and C2 Screw, Lateral Mass Screw, Posterior Foraminotomy, Laminoplasty. The day ended with a trip to the city of Lahore, where the faculty enjoyed a traditional dinner and sight seeing the next day.

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