20 NOV 2015

Neurosurgery: A Dream or Reality

Neurosurgery: A Dream or Reality

Neurosurgery A Dream or Reality- Hands on Burr Hole Workshop

Pakistan’s Neurosurgery Students Society


This year The Pakistan’s Neurosurgery Students Society, had a session on Hands on Burr Hole workshop, followed by lectures in the 28th Annual Meeting of Paksitan Society of Neurosurgeons. This session was specially for all medical students interested in pursuing their career in Neurosurgery. The session started off with Dr. Iype Cherian ( Nepal), talking about advancement in the burr hole techniques. Then Dr. Manzar Hussein ( LNH), gave a lecture on how to perform a burr hole using the Hudson Brace and then he showed each medical student how to perform one on the wooden boards using the same instruments and technique. All the 80 participants then practiced the burr hole technique in groups of 5. Then all the students were led to the auditorium for lectures started by Prof Edward Benzel (Cleveland Clinic, USA), who talked about Academic Achievements of Neurosurgeons. Followed by a lecture on Future of Neurosurgery by Prof Gregory Trost (Wisconsin, USA), in which he mentioned the advancements in the field of neurosurgery. Then Prof Joachim Oertel, talked about Why Become a Neurosurgeon, in which he also motivated the medical students to look into this challenging yet most satisfying profession.  Last but not the least, Dr. Salman Faridi, the medical director of Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College, gave a vote of thanks to all international speakers and spoke about career in surgery.  In the end, Dr. Salman Sharif, the chief of neurosurgery at Liaquat National Hospital, concluded the session with a few words of encouragement to the medical students and thanking the medical director Dr Salman Faridi, and the international faculty.


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